VIDEO: Asake is dead as prophesied by the same Pastor that prophesied...

VIDEO: Asake is dead as prophesied by the same Pastor that prophesied the death of President Buhari in 2019


The General Secretary, Christian Association of Nigeria, Dr. Musa Asake, is dead.

Afrivibes confirmed that Asake died on Friday morning (today) in Abuja after an illness.

The death of Asake came about two weeks after he led a nationwide protest called by CAN against the killing of Christians by suspected Fulani herdsmen.

Asake few years back told Christians, in quote:

“Those of us from the south should get ready because the Fulani killers and herdsmen are coming there too and they have a master plan!”

His death was confirmed by his brother and former member of the House of Representatives, Jonathan Asake, who also confirmed that his remains has been deposited in the Mortuary.

Asake is well known, Going by the prophecy of Prophet Samuel Akinbodunse who revealed that a popular pastor in Nigeria will be called Home.

Prophet Samuel said in quote:

“Great man of God from Nigeria will be called home. He is popular worldwide. The Lord says he has fulfilled his mandate”.

The Nigerian South African based Pastor and the General Overseer of Freedom For all Nations Outreach (FANO), who was reported to have accurately predicted that Mugabe would be dethroned precisely in November, 2017 also predicted the fall of President Zuma of South Africa, and the death of President Buhari of Nigeria if he dares campaign in 2019 presidential election, see Video and quotes below:

South Africa:

“First Quarter of 2018 in South African Politics. There will be a shaking. Some people will be removed for God to carry out his agenda.

There will be a shift in the presidency. A well known (ZUMA) will fall in order to make way for someone else to take over”.


In May 21st, 2017 the prophet predicted accurately that President Mugabe should pray to see beyond November as Zimbabwe’s head of state.

During the live service, he said in quote:

” president Mugabe should pray to see beyond November on the throne. Our duty is to pray and my prayer is that he should experience God’s mercy to see beyond November”

he also warned Mugabe to reinstate his deputy else the prophesy will come to and that he won’t see beyond November.

Later on Wednesday, 15th of November, Army in Zimbabwe removed Robert Mugabe and took over the affairs of the country.

Making the prophesy to come to pass.


His words in qoute:

“Please Nigerians, warn Buhari that he is going beyond his boundaries.

“The Lord said his tenure is once not twice.

“If not, he will not see the election (in 2019). Tell him.

“If you know him or know how to reach the presidency of Nigeria. Write him a text or e-mail him

“If he makes a mistake to campaign before the election he will die. And I am saying the truth”.


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