Nothing Like Igbo Presidency In 2023, Buhari Can Never Hand Over Power...

Nothing Like Igbo Presidency In 2023, Buhari Can Never Hand Over Power To Igbo Man – Lawyer


A lawyer and Ex-President of Igbo think tank, Aka Ikenga, Chief Goddy Uwazurike, has stated that it is not possible for President Muhammadu Buhari to hand over power to Igbo man in 2023.

Chief Uwazurike, who spoke to Independent described Igbo politicians hoping for Igbo President in 2023 as pedestrian politicians.

According to him, he said that no mentally balanced person can say that President Buhari will hand over to Igbo man.

“Those who are banking on the information of an Igbo man becoming the President in 2023, are the Igbo men that point to their fathers’ compound with the left hand. Every Igbo man will understand what I am saying. No true Igbo man will say what such people are saying.”

“All those who have been talking about Buhari handing over to an Igbo man are pedestrian politicians. They are migrant politicians, who are very anxious to please their pay masters. Such individuals are willing to condemn their own mothers to please an outsider.”

“They are not real politicians because real politicians have constituency. If their constituency is Igbo land, they should do everything to uphold Igbo land.”

“The political party, All Progressives Congress (APC), in its constitution, says that power springs to north and south. The party does not believe in the six zones. It believes in north and south. If it comes to the south, it is for everybody. If it goes to the north, it is for everybody. That is the party’s constitution.”

“Again, I don’t see how anybody who is mentally balanced will say that President Buhari will hand over to Igbo. Does Buhari have the power to hand over to Igbo? Definitely not.”

Buhari has only one vote, but he can endorse a candidate. However, such candidate will also pass through the party’s primaries before he faces the public.”

“Those who are saying that Buhari’s second term will facilitate Igbo Presidency are just telling childish jokes all aimed at 2019. It is just the kind of jokes they are making about the Second Niger Bridge, where they were showing us pictures of a bridge under construction.”

“The only mistake they made in their propaganda was that they didn’t show any worker at the construction site. The propaganda over the bridge is what I hate. We are adults and adults do not tell others, ‘look at this building,’ when the building cannot be seen.”