War!!!: If I go Down!, Buhari Must Go Down With Me Too!...

War!!!: If I go Down!, Buhari Must Go Down With Me Too! – Rotimi Amaechi



These are not the best of times for the Minister of Transportation. The house of the presidency appears struck on a path to self implosion as reliable information available through sources within the presidency indicate the President had ordered for a comprehensive investigation into the allegations leveled on the Transport Minister by numerous Justices of the Federation. And in turn, the Transport Minister is said to have threatened retaliation by exposing the President’s dirty deals over the alleged bribery allegation.

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Following what appeared as serialized exposure by the Justices of the federation of the involvement of Rotimi Amaechi in the attempt to subvert the judicial process, the President of the federation, General Mohammadu Buhari fell under the immense pressure from the international community to investigate the validity in the claims leveled by the Justices. To this end, the President instructed for a probe be launched into the activities as alleged by the Judges. The Judges had alleged that Amaechi attempted to bribe them in more than one occasion.

Information available to the media reliably confirms a probe into the claims of the Judges were launched based on the instructions of Mr. President. All of the bank accounts known to belong to Amaechi, according to our source, have been placed under watch – and the historical activity on the account sequestered.

In retaliation, the former Governor of Rivers State and the present Minister of Transport – Rotimi Chibuike Amaechi has chosen to go the route of blackmail. He is said to have opted to expose all involved parties in the said attempted bribery of the justices. “Amaechi has documentary evidence that shows Buhari was in-the-know about the attempt to bribe the Judges and how many of the campaign funds were raised.”

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  1. How many times will you be taught a lesson to enable you have corrections for your subsequent actions. There will be no escaped goat in the Baba’s anti corruption crusade. If Amaechi claimed of using state money to sponsor Buhari’s campaign as part of his strategies of indicting him then he must be a joker. He is directly trying to inflict more injury to himself.