I am Igbo and I am Biafra – Grace Iwuagwu

I am Igbo and I am Biafra – Grace Iwuagwu


grace iwuagwu

I am Igbo and I am Biafran. I have never listened to Nnamdi Kanu before and I really don’t ve the urge to do so cos I hear he uses a lot of hate speech and I don’t subscribe to that. Majority of Igbos I know don’t subscribe to his message too but that does not subtract from the fact that he is being detained illegally for absolutely nothing, it doesn’t diminish his rights as a person. In a country where 182 boko boys were released just last week, it is totally absurd that an unarmed man who has never hurt a soul, neither his followers, is being detained illegally for the past many days. The funny thing is you see people from other tribes who have never said a word about boko haram, all of a sudden find their voices to insult the entire Igbo race, cos they re doing a peaceful protest.

I may not like Nnamdi Kanu on a personal level but I would join the many voices dat are asking for his release. I see so many elites condemning him and d Biafra movt, but sadly like the hypocrites they re, these same people re mute in demanding for Kanu’s release which is the cause of all the uprising. I am very sure of the fact that prior to Kanu’s arrest, there was no single person on the streets asking for Biafra. Many of the people in these protests re not interested in secession, they simply want an innocent man freed. But if the people and the govt continue to treat this simple call for a release with disdain then I fear it may escalate to a monster, beyond everyone’s imagination.

I was born in Lagos and have lived in every region in Nigeria. Apart from football, the only other thing that unites Nigerians is their hatred for the Igbos. If they are not slaughtered in the north cos someone in far away Germany made a cartoon of Mohammed, or cos someone lost an election, they are constantly reminded in the west to go back to their land as Lagos (of which they are responsible for 80% of its development) is not their land or they re deported in d dead of the night or one sick Oba asks dem to jump into the Lagoon and drown. That an Igbo child needs 300 to enter school while his mate from Taraba needs 2 to enter the same school is no longer news. Same for employment. That Igbo land suffers from gross and intentional infrastructural neglect is also not news either, what actually is news is the fact that these same people now want their autonomy and the very people dat hate dem so much do not want to see dem go. That is a mystery I’m yet to understand. What do the Biafrans want? Give them a functional sea port in Port Harcourt and Onitsha, 2 functional international airports, motorable roads good schools and watch them go back to the east in droves.

I wasn’t born during the war and from the stories I ve heard of death, hunger, hopelessness and anguish that comes from the loss of loved ones, I wouldn’t wish for another war in Nigeria, life is already hard enough for so many people already, no need making it worse. But I am and would always be a Biafran. I subscribe to the Biafra of the mind where Biafrans the world over see each other as brothers in the struggle and lend a hand to help the next person progress. I for one believe Nigeria is better off as one, there is strength and beauty in diversity, the United States is an example. The US is a melting pot of people from all over the world but they live together in peace simply cos everyone is treated equally. No one is being discriminated against based on his religion, race, color, sexual orientation or even material possessions. EVERYONE is treated EQUALLY, which is something alien to the Nigerian society. A student from New York does not need 300 to enter a university while a student from California needs 2 to enter the same university.

If Nigerians can live at peace with people in countries all over the world, then why is it difficult for us to live in peace with each other. There really is no need for all this bickering, life is too short to live unhappy. Stop d stereotypes, there are both good and bad people from every tribe. I expend so much energy on Naija issues not cos I like politics but cos I am interested in the plight of my people and I want things to be better. Believe it or not, Nigeria is d best country in d world, from the weather, the food, the music, the festivals and culture and den d people, we find humor in everything and our intellect is quite remarkable too. Nigeria can be great if we are serious about it but the watchword is EVERYONE should be treated EQUALLY. Until that is done we would continue to have unrest from those who feel marginalized. And if Nigerians don’t have any hope of treating everyone equally, then by all means they should allow the aggrieved their freedom to leave cos there is only so much that a person can take. Lastly let’s do away with all this zoning stuff, every Nigerian should be able to aspire to any position at any time, that’s d only way you can get d best hands on board. When the presidency is constantly being zoned to d North and West, how do people like Donald Duke have a chance. Let d best man have d job at all levels even in our ministries, that’s d way it is done in saner climes the world over.

Once again, in a country where boko haram members are invited to aso rock for negotiation with the president, and mind boggling compensation offered to them, Nnamdi Kanu has no business behind bars even for a day. Let’s shed d hypocrisy too, a Nigeria where Diezzani and Iweala are being vilified by the same people worshipping Fashola and Amaechi is not ideal, it is nauseating.