dont ever register with this site “;“, thinking that you can make money easily at home, this evening, how this thing pop up on my browser, i cant just tell, but i was lucky to have been biten by an ant somewhere in my body( will not mention the part though), and i got back my self to have a rethink, this site says you will make at least 800k per month, for an average Nigerian who wants to sack his Boss immediately will bye at it immediately, but i was able to review their site.

1. those people you will see that commented on the thread while reading through the comments on the site are not real, what did i do, i highlighted each of the name and opened it in another tab window and find out that it is korean name programmed to bear igbo, yoruba and answer name, for example “Kim Foong Foo was programmed to be Tochukwu Ezinne, Shiyun Yee was programmed to be Kemi Yee, Mark Fadlevich was also to prgrammed to be Hamza Gbenga, this is a high-tech fraud!.the people who like to get rich quick, wouldn’t mind, but to follow up with them. OPEN TO SEE MORE AND MORE PICS….

2. All links provided there are fakes, i tried to open some links by clicking on the link on the site to actually know if they truly registered with those site provided there like: CNN, TRUSTe, MSNBC, ABC,, McAfee etc,and i found out that those link was embedded on the posts as a picture not as a link, normally this site suppose to have opened but its inability to either highlight or open spells BAD and FRAUD.

3. When you try to check on the number of people that shared this either on Facebook, LinkedIn, tweeter etc, it will directly take you to registration site, normally if this is powered by Facebook as they actually said, it will definitely take you to its Facebook page for you to see share index.

4. I have tried to check and but it is surrounded with a lot of issues, Facebook has nothing like those site i just mentioned above. unlike Facebook owner Marck Zuckerberg, he would announce each programme he is embarking on.

5. they said you have to pay $4.95usd to get a “work at home kit” that it is only about 150 spots available, and still turns back to tell you that Facebook is interested in Nigeria alone that you should join the thousands to make money.

my advice is that no man born of a woman can dupe or defraud you if you are not greedy or show interest at first, nothing good comes easy, don’t believe any story when it sounds so awesome, don’t give a heed to something you don’t hustle to get, some people who don’t want to pick up their lives either in the street or hustle in life are prone prey for this fraud predators, some of us are planning on how to build a better living and someone somewhere claiming to be smart, trying to dupe you, if you want to get rich quick, go and fill up the 150 spot alone, i promise you, you will die quick. be less attentive to wealth that comes with speed but embrace that which drops like a palm wine into the keg, its always sweet and lasts longer, it will meet the sands of times and remains unshattered, unlike those that will pooh-pooh you and you will remain pooh-poohed.

this is the Emmanuel they claimed that is earning at least 800k

this is one the things they hoodwink people with as their earnings.