Buhari’s Ministers Not As Vibrant As Jonathan’s Ministers – Dele Momodu

Buhari’s Ministers Not As Vibrant As Jonathan’s Ministers – Dele Momodu


dele momodu

Former Presidential candidate and seasoned journalist Dele Momodu has flayed what he described as the intimidation of current ministers serving in the Buhari Administration by President Buhari, saying the ministers fear the president, and as a result are not as vibrant as former president Jonathan’s ministers. Momodu, who was speaking at the first City People Social Media Awards advised President Buhari not to concentrate only on anti-corruption probe as that is bringing a paralyzing fear on his ministers who are too afraid to take any initiative.

‘If I were Buhari I would probe but not just probe, because there is too much scare mongering everywhere.

‘When you are too scared of your boss you can’t do anything. Most of Buhari’s ministers are too scared of their boss and it is bad for business. They are not vibrant. Jonathan’s ministers are more vibrant than Buhari’s ministers because they are too scared.

‘ This obsession with they stole our money, is too much. We know Jonathan did not do anything that’s why we sacked him. So Buhari, do your own.

‘If the gods cannot improve our lives they should please maintain it. If you are hungry you will grumble, and I am hungry.’

When asked if he would one day run for the presidency, he said:

‘I have a theory: The last thing you lose is hope. If Nigeria wants to put me as president, so be it. If not they can go elect a new Buhari or a new Jonathan.

‘When I ran, even the media was against me. If Atiku a customs officer runs they will make front page. If a police officer wants to run they will make front page, but a publisher? If it is my destiny, then I will one day be president , otherwise my life will be expiring soon, I am 56 today and in 14 years I will be 70.’

Chief Dele Momodu is one of the people who campaigned for Buhari in the last presidential elections.