Where is Former President Goodluck Jonathan?

Where is Former President Goodluck Jonathan?


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Fellow Nigerians, I’m surprised that no one has asked about the wellbeing, welfare and whereabouts of our dear former President, Dr Goodluck Ebele Azikiwe Jonathan. Are we so wicked and uncaring that we have forgotten the gentleman who brought us fresh air so soon? Do we truly suffer from “collective amnesia” (apologies Wole Soyinka) that no one is coming up in defence of the man who brought FaceBook to Africa’s biggest nation? Where are all those acolytes who were falling all over themselves this time last year during the Presidential campaigns? Where are the royal fathers from different parts of Nigeria who were decorating our President with all kinds of esoteric Chieftaincy titles?

Where are the experts who were churning out endless statistics about how God had blessed us with the greatest President Nigeria ever knew? What happened to all the economic magicians who claimed that former President Jonathan had propelled us to the pinnacle of the temple and proclaimed that in consequence we were Africa’s numero uno economy? Where are the priests, pastors, alfas, Imams, marabouts, traditional worshippers, and all manner of religious personages who trumpeted that Ebele Goodluck Jonathan was the anointed of God at the 2015 Presidential elections?

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Where are the 14 million farmers who were connected by mobile phones in our season of unprecedented Agricultural Revolution? Where are the plentiful loaves of cassava bread and the myriad of rice pyramids that we were told littered everywhere? Where are the ultra-modern air-conditioned trains that we were told travelled from Lagos to Kafanchan, to Kano and Enugu? Where is the second Niger Bridge; and the strategic East-West road?


I have too many questions begging for answers but I will limit myself to only that relating to former President Goodluck Jonathan. I’m just trying to imagine the state of his mind at this terrible moment. I’m not a psychologist but I can attempt to play the role of one by doing some psychoanalysis of the man who left power under one year ago only to witness that things have literally fallen apart with his legacy completely obliterated in the twinkle of an eye.

In case you think I’m mucking around and mocking our former President, please perish the thought. I’m more of a sympathiser who would wish to draw sumptuous lessons from the tragedy that befell our former leader. From what I can see so far, President Jonathan as a person is a good man who was fortunate to have been able to effortlessly navigate and meander his way through the murky waters of Nigerian politics to arrive at the topmost position in Nigeria. He was obviously ill-prepared for power and governance and when it landed on his laps he hardly knew what to do with it. He was like a student who was too favoured and over-pampered by his lecturers until he had to write external exams and get exposed to the real world.