Photos: President Buhari Flown Abroad With Air Ambulance for Prostrate Shrinking

Photos: President Buhari Flown Abroad With Air Ambulance for Prostrate Shrinking


Gen Buhari

If I wish him dead now wherever this air ambulance took him, I will see all sorts of ‘things’ come breathing down my neck with pious indignation and furious lectures on morals and humanity, but no one is talking now that this demon in human shape has purportedly ordered from wherever they are shrinking his prostrate that Nnamdi Kanu should not be released unless he signs an undertaking to denounce Biafra. This is what he and his dolts have not been able to achieve with almost 3 months of unlawful incarceration that has birthed protests all over the world!

How many court orders have this ‘converted democrat’ flouted over this Nnamdi’s issue????

Now I ask, why does Buhari think that prostrate he went to shrink won’t do him in? At his age and with his FAILED health, instead of preparing himself for the ‘other side’, he’s busy attempting to kill and destroy as much as he can before he goes!

buhari flown outside

God of the time of Abacha, I implore you to step in. Do what you are known to do to Pharaohs, show the haughty that you still rule in the affairs of men.

In just 7 months, this devil incarnate has turned Nigeria into a living hell! Absolutely nothing is working anymore! He no longer can do his corner-corner hospital runs he’s been covering with plenty Ajala the traveler’s trips, nature has now told him who the boss is and I sincerely pray natures takes her toll quickly in order to save millions of lives.

Few weeks ago, I was praying he lives long enough to teach Nigerians the lessons they deserve on why they should stop being stupid, but right now, no. MILLIONS OF LIVES ARE AT STAKE here! Shiite-Sunni problem that has been rocking the middle-east has been brought here by this same devil and people have no idea what’s about happening. Wait till they kick off their bombings and massacres with their international collaborants.

If you are still praying for this demon, sorry you are wrong. God can do all things but not getting the devil accept Christ. Hand him over to reprobate mind as the scriptures have advised!

Millions of lives are being endangered by this mad illiterate dictatorial fanatical bigot, bear that in mind!